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Protecting Lives, Assets, and Peace of Mind!

Our Fire & Life Safety Systems services are designed to provide comprehensive protection against fire hazards and ensure the safety of occupants and assets. We offer a wide range of services tailored to various building types, including residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and infrastructure projects. Our expertise in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, combined with our commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability, makes us the ideal partner for your fire and life safety needs.

With our services, clients can benefit from enhanced safety for their building occupants, protection of valuable assets, compliance with local regulations, and reduced risks of fire-related incidents. Our fire and life safety systems are designed to provide early detection, rapid response, and effective suppression of fires, minimizing the potential loss of life, property damage, and business interruptions.

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We offer

Fire Water Storage

Design of storage systems for fire water, including tanks and reservoirs, to ensure an adequate water supply for firefighting operations.

Fire Pumps & Fire Water Distribution System

Design of fire pumps and distribution systems to ensure reliable water supply to fire protection systems, such as sprinklers, hydrants, and hose reels.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Design of automatic sprinkler systems, which are the most common and effective fire protection systems, to quickly detect and suppress fires, minimizing damage and risk to life.

Fire Hose Reel System

Design of fire hose reel systems, which provide a manual means of firefighting and are typically installed in commercial and industrial buildings.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Design of portable fire extinguisher systems, including the selection and placement of appropriate fire extinguishers based on the type of fire and the specific hazards of the building.

Internal & External Fire Hydrant System

Design of internal and external fire hydrant systems, which provide a readily available source of water for firefighting operations.

Foam System

Design of foam fire suppression systems, which are used for special hazards such as flammable liquid storage areas and aircraft hangars.

Gaseous Fire Suppression System

Design of gaseous fire suppression systems, which use clean agents to extinguish fires without leaving residue, making them ideal for protecting sensitive equipment and valuable assets.

Water Mist Fire Suppression System

Design of water mist fire suppression systems, which use fine water droplets to suppress fires and are particularly suitable for protecting high-risk areas such as data centers and server rooms.

Pre Action Suppression System

Design of pre-action fire suppression systems, which require multiple detection events before releasing water or other fire suppression agents, reducing the risk of accidental discharge.

Hydraulic Calculations with HASS Software

Utilization of Hydraulic Analysis and System Simulator (HASS) software to perform hydraulic calculations for fire protection systems, ensuring accurate and optimized design solutions.

NFPA Standards and NBC

Compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and local National Building Code (NBC) requirements, ensuring the highest level of fire protection and life safety.

Hydrant Systems & Sprinkler Systems

Design of hydrant systems and sprinkler systems, including layout, sizing, and selection of components, to provide effective fire protection coverage in accordance with applicable codes and standards.

Fire Alarm & Voice Evacuation Systems

Design of fire alarm and voice evacuation systems, including detection devices, notification appliances, and emergency communication systems, to quickly alert occupants and facilitate safe evacuation during fire emergencies.

Gas Suppression System

Design of gas suppression systems, such as CO2, FM200, and NOVEC, which are effective for protecting high-value assets and critical facilities

Public Address System

Design of public address systems, which are used for emergency communication during fire incidents, providing clear instructions to occupants and facilitating organized evacuation.

In conclusion, eccentre’s Fire & Life Safety Systems services offer comprehensive solutions for protecting buildings, occupants, and assets from the risks of fire incidents. Our experienced team, advanced technologies, adherence to codes and standards, and customer-centric approach make us the ideal partner for all fire protection and life safety needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you optimize the fire protection design for your project and ensure the safety of your building and its occupants.